Welcome to “The Critical Path”

The Critical Path will provide information and action steps to “Get Better Compliance” particularly when validation of a compliance program’s approach is needed, issues become too complex for the team to handle alone, or there’s a sensitive investigation needed that requires findings and insights of an independent expert.  The Critical Path will help to make the case for compliance to Boards, Audit Committees and governmental agencies and to imbed compliance principles into strategic plans and decisions.  The Critical Path will focus on compliance realities and challenges to help readers find a way forward.   

What to do NOW:  Put The Critical Path on your list of sites to consult for updates and helpful information about important topics for compliance management and program effectiveness.  Use The Critical Path to help make effective action plans to Stretch Your Bandwidth, Find the Source of Truth, Solve a Problem, Conquer Complexity, Add Compliance to Strategy, or to Make Your Case.  See more about these topics at www.getbettercompliance.com.   

What to do NEXT WEEK:  Check in with current action plans to assure the “critical path” to success.  Troubleshoot any barriers or unforeseen obstacles as they arise and adjust the action plan to address and conquer them.   

What to do NEXT:  Collect results data from action plans to document their effectiveness.  Need help?  It might be time to contact an outside resource.  IntraVires Health Compliance Consultants can assist to make an action plan successful, taking a compliance program to the next level, or helping with a heavy lift.