For Legal Counsel

manage a compliance crisis and implement sustainable solutions through an effective compliance program.

While we do not provide legal services, legal counsel may engage us under the attorney client privilege to perform investigations, fact-finding, compliance expertise, and client assistance when needed for counsel to give legal advice. 

Guided by legal counsel, we focus on compliance issues, concerns and crises that require broad compliance expertise, independent critical thinking, data analysis and verification, and process mapping to identify, quantify, and correct challenging compliance issues or concerns. 

What we do: Ensure that counsel reach the right people and have a full understanding of their clients’ processes and policies.  We help legal advisors get the facts quickly, confidentially, and completely. We ensure that legal advisors receive accurate details, clearly explained. 

What we deliver: On-site client visits and workshops, regular meetings with counsel. We deliver a narrative, a root cause analysis, and a summary report of measures taken to detect and mitigate compliance concerns through the compliance program.

What we do: Work with legal counsel to assure a compliance program that satisfies the requirements of client’s Corporate Integrity Agreement. 

What we do: From the technicalities of accreditation to the nuances of regulatory compliance, attorneys have utilized our expertise to enhance the factfinding process in pre-trial and trial phases of healthcare litigation.

What we deliver: Report of findings from a compliance perspective and testimony or interviews as necessary.

What we do: Ensure that responses are prompt, factual, and complete. We help counsel and their clients develop data and facts to prepare accurate self-disclosures.