What Sets Us Apart

We connect the dots between operations and compliance.
Our Consultants have led compliance programs across the spectrum of healthcare. We see the big picture and use our holistic approach to connect the dots between compliance and operations. We respect the client’s goals and cultural impact of our work.

Our solutions are audit-ready, sustainable and will not “sit on your shelf.”
We also focus on the smallest details to find audit-ready solutions. When there are findings, we help you correct them going forward. We can support and validate your corrective action plan.

We help you further your expertise and self-efficacy.
We work with your teams, your leaders. We provide substantive knowledge, coaching, and team-building so your compliance department will excel.

We work with you.
We are cost-conscious. We do not leverage pricing over tiers of associates or up-sell ourselves. We work with you to scale the engagement to exactly what you need.